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Statues Hunchback of Notre Dame


Hunchback of Notre Dame Photo Shoot 



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The team at Thespis spent an a very interesting and most enjoyable day working with the incredible Glenn Davison "Photographer" and Nicol Galemua "Makeup artist from Bridgerton"  producing a makeup video and stills images for two of the statues characters in this show. The stills and video for the dropping head statue will be available to view and  ideas on how to best present these stunning costumes. Special thanks to Callum Blake for being so patient as the model.


Thespis photo shoot and how to apply makeup. Fun session for Hunchback of Notre Dame. How to apply make up for statues in Hunchback Angel 

From the costume set of "Hunchback of Notre Dame"  Angel statue costume & makeup ideas. Dropping head statue video to follow shortly.



Kind use of these pictures:  Glenn Davidson



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Sound of Music goes to Tallinn Estonia



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"The Sound of Music Costume Set is on the road to

Tallinn Estonia"


 The Sound of Music is to fundraise for Ukrainian charities which provide aid to those both in

Ukraine and those who fled to Estonia.


Thespis are on the road again! … And this time we’re off to Estonia, and its gorgeous capital city Tallinn! where we are working with West End International, providing costumes for a series of charity performances at the simply magnificent Alexela Concert Hall, where they will be performing Sound of Music to fundraise for Ukrainian charities which provide aid to those both in Ukraine and those who fled to Estonia.
It’s obviously a very difficult time for millions of Ukrainians around the world, and our hearts go out to them all as we all pray for peace to return as soon as possible. And we know the part we play in providing support to them is small, but it doesn’t diminish the honour we feel to be able to contribute in this way.

And, to bring it back to musicals ever so slightly - I dare say there will be few renditions of Edelweiss that will be more moving and more poignant than what will be heard in the Alexela Theatre tonight. 


Some of the best costumes on stage in Tallinn The sound of music. Costumes by Thespis International.

Thespis supply costumes to the charity event supporting family

Charitable performances in aid of a foundation supporting families with difficulties, and one of the performances will be to help families who benefit from the foundation and also the refugees who have crossed the border into Estonia  from Ukraine.

The stunning Alexela Concert Hall, opened in 2009, was one of the first to introduce the world-class possibilities for hosting major international meetings in Tallinn, Estonia. It`s located in the heart of Tallinn, just a short stroll from the best hotels, the stunning Old Town and most essential sights. Grand Hall seats 1829 guests and its 3300 m2 of multifunctional foyers, which are distributed throughout five floors.

More pictures and updates to come.



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Phantom of the Opera Costume Photo Shoot


Photo shoots - March 2022



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Just a few of the great pictures from a local photographer and makeup artists that use our services.

Photoshoot using costumes from Phantom Of the Opera


From the costume set of "The Phantom of the Opera"


Phantom of the opera costumes for hire period costumes

From the costume set of "The Phantom of the Opera"



Video of the photo shoot.

From the costume set of "The Phantom of the Opera"


Kind use of these pictures:  Andrew McMeekin

The Studio | Shoreline Studio (




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Made In Dagenham Costume Hire


Thespis are excited to be costuming a new run of

"Made in Dagenham"

at the

Adelphi Theatre London



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The strike, led by Rose Boland, Eileen Pullen, Vera Sime, Gwen Davis, Violet Dawson, and Sheila Douglass, began on 7 June 1968, when women sewing machinists at Ford Motor Company Limited Dagenham plant in London walked out



Not only is Thespis costuming a run of Made in Dagenham at the Adelphi theatre this year, news we are thrilled to share and be part of, but we have another special acquisition relating to the very same show, performed upon the very same stage.

   Thespis has acquired into its collection a very special costume used by the show’s main character Rita O’Grady, which, back in 2014, was worn by award-winning actress Gemma Arterton, who popularised the role and made it her own in the superb run at the Adelphi Theatre.

   Thespis often takes on garments (coats, shirts, all sorts, you name it!) worn by the stars of stage and screen, but rarely do we get an exact piece for the exact show that will go up at the exact same theatre, and so we felt we absolutely had to share!

   The costume is in fabulous condition, and it’s one we are very keen to see return, not just to the Adelphi, but to stages across the UK. So who knows, you might find yourself wearing it when you next take Made in Dagenham out on hire from us! 



The Dagenham sewing machinists walked out when, as part of a regrading exercise, they were informed that their jobs were graded in Category C

In 2014–2015, Gemma Arterton starred in Made in Dagenham, a stage musical about the Ford sewing machinists strike of 1968 concerning equal pay for women. Since its premiere on 5 November 2014 at the Adelphi Theatre in London. costume hire 

Made in Dagenham


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