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At Thespis, we find ourselves quite often in the fortuitous position whereby generous individuals wish to donate garments to us; jackets, boots, top hats, even wedding dresses of yesteryear.

Thespis has always had a policy of taking on such items, doing any necessary repairs and then letting them see new life touring the length and breadth of Europe in our clients productions.

So when Caroline Walker approached us, asking whether we would be interested in items of clothing belonging to her parents, undoubtedly we said yes. A large carry-bag and suitcase arrived at our offices a short while later, and with all the excitable gusto and curiosity of a young child spying an unopened dress-up-box, we delved inside to investigate what treasures lay in wait (with more care might we add!).

Caroline had graciously sent us suits and jackets worn by her father, and a bounty of dresses worn by her mother, all beautiful, & all of the finest quality.

Suits and dresses made some 100 years ago up until the 1970’s were really made to withstand the wearer’s entire life if treated right, quite the contrast to the disposable nature of today’s fashion.

A suit would be made from such well-spun cloth and sewn so dutifully that the buyer seldom wore them out, they were to be taken in and out as required to fit any fluctuations in shape or size of the wearer.

These suits only met their end at the passing of a trend, to be hung away at the back of the wardrobe, or to one day be passed down to sons or daughters, rather than be discarded.


Today fashion is all too fleeting. What is ‘in’ today may already be ‘out’ by tomorrow.


To acquire quality garments like those received from dear Caroline, in today’s market would cost more than a few pretty pennies, but it does remind us all here at the office of how damaging the disposable fashion industry has become. Perhaps today’s youth outwardly change themselves so quickly because of societal pressures, or the forever-more-overbearing advertising markets making quick bucks, or rather it’s something further within themselves that struggles to reflect the world around them. Either way. I fear it cannot go on indefinitely....


We seldom know anything about the people that wore the garments we’re sent - BUT - on this occasion, we received so many stunning suits and dazzling dresses, I was compelled to know a little more. I asked Caroline about her parents, noting they must have been quite the “snazzy dressers” & she very kindly sent me a photograph of her parents with some information enclosed.

Both Jean & Geoff Walker were born in the 1920s and married after the war in 1950s. Her father had served in the RAF during the war stationed in the Far East. Both were born and bred in the Yorkshire market town of Doncaster and never moved away, raising their four children there.

After the war, as part of the demobilisation programme, her father was granted the opportunity to attend University where he studied civil engineering and joined the Doncaster and District Water Board after graduating. There he rose through the ranks to become a Divisional Director for Yorkshire Water. 

How dresses and suits used to be made

Jean & Geoff Walker  c 1990


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Dance Project Photo Shoot


Thespis are pleased to be part of this wonderful project.

Glenn Davidson explains about the photo shoot:

This photo shoot marked the beginning of a project inspired by the NYC Dance Project.  Our project aims to provide a photographic account of contemporary dance, focusing on the grace and beauty of dancers through a creative photographic process resulting in a series of fine art photos that we will publish and exhibit.  In our first shoot with local dancer Cathy Wilson the emphasis was on light and movement, the expression of dance captured through photography. The back story of the shoot includes a creative process which features careful selection of the dance subject and beautiful costumes (many supplied by Thespis Theatrical Costumiers). The simplicity of the set design, creative lighting and background allow the focus to remain on the subject.


The expression of dance captured through photography. Our project aims to provide a photographic account of contemporary dance, focusing on the grace and beauty of dancers through a creative photographic processInstagram: @glenndavidsonphotography  Dancer Model Cathy WilsonThe simplicity of the set design, creative lighting and background allow the focus to remain on the subject.

Costumes By: Thespis

Would you like to be part of this exciting project

We will be looking for highly skilled dancers to participate in the Project in 2021.

please follow us on Instagram: @glenndavidsonphotography  

Facebook: Glenn Davidson Photography  Web: Glenn Davidson Photography 


About Glenn:

Glenn Davidson Photography

Glenn Davidson is an award-winning photographer based in the beautiful South Norfolk countryside. Drawing on years of graphic design experience , he has an editorial style that is creative , stylish and contemporary. He regularly works with actors and models all types of performers to ensure that you will stand out from the crowd.

Services include head shoots for agencies, publicity, social media, websites, editorial, publication, print, Spotlight and IMDb.


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Ratchet Strap Tie Down Operational Video: By Thespis


Ratchet Strap Tie Down Operational Video 

How to use and attach to Thespis Dolav shipping boxes. 




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Norfolk YMT Short Video of Productions 1995 2019


Hello all,

 Just in case you are interested here is a short film about the group with photos from every production since 1995. Lots of familiar faces and some interesting credits right at the end. A cinematic sound track and a couple of recordings of the casts.


1995 - 2019

 A short film about the Norfolk YMT


Adrian Connell

Director Norfolk YMT

Thespis Theatrical Costumiers Ltd are the costume suppliers and sponsors of this superbly talented group since 2007.

We are looking forward to the curtains lifting again soon.


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