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Frequently asked questions

Can the costumes be collected after the show finishes on a Saturday night or for the 'get-out' on the following day, say on a Sunday?

Of course! We will always try to accommodate, but we will require notification AT THE TIME OF BOOKING, as we have limited slots which may have been taken already. The theatre world operates strange hours and we appreciate that, and we gave up normal hours years ago. Don't be afraid to ask.

Can we do nip and tuck adjustments?

Yes, we expect wardrobe department to do the last tweaks as required. Hand stitched adjustments allowed only.

Can you send us a sample?

All our products can be viewed in person at our studios, please contact us to make an appointment.

Can you supply fake blood for Sweeney Todd?

Yes ,we have a supply of approved blood that does come out of most materials if used sparingly. See spec sheet


All our items are available to be collected from our studios. For delivery direct to the venue anywhere in the UK we ship our products using a courier or our own vans. Items sent using 3rd party couriers are shipped in flight cases, which means that you’ll need space to store the flight cases when not in use (can be used as stage furniture). Deliveries booked to use one of our vans are generally shipped on hanging rails. Our delivery costs vary depending upon size of the shipment and distance from our studios. Please do enquire about the delivery options when you book.

Do you allow consultations or visits to the Thespis studios?

At Thespis we are very happy to take enquiries via telephone and e-mail, but if a person to person visit to our studio is requested then we are happy to accommodate. This is by appointment only.

Do you deliver / ship to Ireland?

Regularly yes! We have various shipping options, just enquire to find out.

Do you deliver / ship to Ireland?

Yes we do / we can deal with carnets as required. Even airfreight but this can be very expensive, and subject to delays.

Do you have minimum hire charge?

Yes we have a minimum hire charge of £100 plus delivery.

Do you hire clothes rails?

Yes we can supply clothes rails, there is a small hire charge. High rails can be supplied and we recommend for example at least 8 rails with Phantom of the Opera for the long ball gowns.

Do you hire out fancy dress?


Do you rent costumes internationally?

Our costume rental packages are available in the UK. International packages are available but do incur significant additional transport and rental costs, please enquire.

Do you supply any guns for my show?

Yes. They'll be listed in the costume plot with type and number supplied. This may include holsters and Sam Browns. More may be available. If they are listed then they are supplied free of charge. No other supplier offers this service saving £££ on additional hire costs. Normally the guns are metal non firing replicas. Many pictures on our web site. This is for UK mainland only. There are addition cost that may need to be added for shipping licences outside of UK.

Do you supply ballet points / ballet shoes / tap shoes?

No. Sadly Thespis does NOT supply these items due to their personal and specialist nature.

Do you supply footwear with the costumes?

Yes we do AND in most cases at NO EXTRA COST. We only charge if the shoes requested are particularly specific, or if the performers shoe size requires us to hunt down or create shoes for them.

Do you supply shoes in half sizes?

Most shoes do not come in half sizes.

Do you supply the Phantom of the Opera Mask?

No, as they are normally purpose made for the individual actor. We do have a few for an emergency but it may not fit!.

Do you take up trousers, skirts and dresses?

We don’t take up any length as that is done best when the actor is wearing the correct footwear. Often there are also discrepancies in how people measure. But we will endeavour to fit as close as possible.

Does Thespis supply wigs?

No, I'm afraid this is a specialist item, but we hope to in the future!

How big is your van? Do we need to keep a loading / unloading area free?

Yes if you can, it makes life easier. We use high-roof extra-long 7.5m length Mercedes vans for our deliveries. if you have no loading area, we only deliver curb-side so all you would need to consider is how far your team would need to walk to offload.

How do costumes arrive?

Whole shows can be delivered in our modified vans where costumes are hung up on rails in bags then off loaded straight onto your rails. You can hire our 6ft long heavy-duty rails, standard height and tall rails if required. For some productions, either due to distance or size of production, your costumes will arrive via waterproof palletized boxes, shipped directly to a predetermined offloading area. Please call for more information, we'll talk through what would be your best and most cost-effective option.

How do know which costume is for which character when they all look the same eg for the chorus?

Thespis is a leader in this area 96% of all items supplied are given a unique number and bar-coded for easy identification.

How do the guns arrive?

They are normally supplies in a lockable gun bow (padlocks supplied) with the rules applicable to the use, with reference to Act 2006 (VCRA Violent crimes reduction act 2006 ). Article 36 ~ 40. The law and a brief summary can be found on via our download tab. Downloads Normally the Stage manager will take responsibility for the guns and lock away after each performance.

How long is the hire period?

Our normal hire period is 10 days. Additional days may be booked on a pro rata basis less 20% discount but only if the show is not booked back to back.

If it’s a small show is it delivered by van or courier?

It depends on distance. We use couriers and pallet freight companies with tail lifts. See our download section on Dolav boxes, this is our palletised boxes normally 2 high.

In Addams Family "Lurch" wears increasing height shoes - Do you supply these

Yes, these are supplied as part of the costume.

One of our cast has lost / gained weight - do I need to re-measure?

We appreciate it may be a delicate situation for many, but some costumes may have been made especially for them and there may not be enough time to get another one made. We recommend re-measuring if you or the cast member believes they have changed.

Student course work inquiries ?

We get a lot of enquiries from students so we have produced a special information sheet for sixth form & university students studying Musical Theatre courses. Download Student infosheet (PDF). We hope this helps, and good luck with your studies.

What shoe size is your upper limit?:

Greater than size 12 men’s shoe or woman’s size 8 we may be able to accommodate but be aware the choice is very limited.

Will we need to supply children’s measurement’s again before the shows as they may have grown?

YES! Two weeks before delivery - but only if more than 8 weeks have elapsed since submitting sizes, and especially for custom made items or shoes. Children are notoriously good at growing. If you don't let us know and then require emergency alterations, unfortunately charges will be applied.

Your costumes arrive in bags?

All costumes are shipped in suit / garment bags with wooden coat hangers. The actor’s name and character part is listed on the bag for easy identification and checking. This is unique in our industry where costumes almost always arrive in a carboard box and you spend days working out who the items are for. At Thespis we don't think you or your wardrobe department should have to waste your time with all that.

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