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Acting Master Class

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 For anyone who’s looking for that bit of insider knowledge into acting, or someone who simply wants to hone their hobby into a purposeful skill, I would highly recommend the website  Acting Master Class It offers (not just on acting) 5-6 hours of videoed lessons with masters in the field. Currently they offer ones from the legendary Kevin Spacey (stage oriented), and Dustin Hoffman (screen oriented). Now obviously they do cost, but if you are interested in pursuing the noble craft of acting and learning and understanding more about how the greats go about creating such memorable performances, $90 for 6 hours of inspiring, uninterrupted lessons covering a whole range of subjects, with in-depth one-on-one’s too might I add, is not a chance to turn your nose up to. As someone who went to LAMDA, I can attest that these short video courses offer those who have trained, a refreshing reminder of what has already been learnt, as well as a new insight, and new avenues to explore. “But you’ve been to drama school?”. Well so? An artist can never stop learning, and if they think or tell you they’ve learnt it all, or they know a great deal, they in truth probably know very little. Food for thought. But please do check out they offer a very interesting range of classes covering a wide variety of subjects.    Callum Blake,Dunkirk 2017,

Callum Blake as Carlo De Medici

Acting Master Class

Class By Callum Blake
Callum has appeared as the medic in Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk 2017 opposite Kenneth Branagh, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, and  Mark Rylance .


Callum Blake Contact via Curtis Brown 

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