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Grease Costume Hire

And Schools Edition

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....It’s ELECTRIFYIN’.!!!

No. No.... No......

..... Pardon me. If I write any more of the aforementioned song, it will take all of the next month to extract it from my head.

And no doubt, one might suggest, as perhaps the only cure to such a malady, is to go and purge it from my system, commit, and find tickets to the greasiest show around.

And that of course leads me to the infamous Rydell High School.

Meet Danny, part grease-monkey, part helpless-womaniser with a fiery passion for cars and burger bars.

And Sandy, the new-kid on the block who “don’t smoke”, and has class coming out her proverbial - Anyway, you get the gist.

Sandy is everything Danny’s ever wanted, but can he say ‘sayonara’ to his bad boy image if it means getting the girl of his dreams?


It can only mean one thing.

Grease is the word!... NO!... MUST. STOP. WRITING LYRICS.

Oh who am I kidding. I’m popping in the CD and my curlers.  (Grease starts playing in the background)

But listen gang, if you’re after some of the slickest outfits about, look no further. Thespis here are the only kids in town with jackets hotter than Danny’s engine.

And for you’s Pink Ladies? Forget about it. Thespis are the go to gals to outshine all your pals.

But be warned, you come to them if you wanna see your show go the extra mile. These cats don’t mess around. They ride with style.

We will be also supplying the "Beauty School drop out" curler hats, even the footwear is included when you book the complete show. As per pictures.



 © Callum Blake 2019



Grease Costume Hire


School Version Directors Notes
In order to make the original musical suitable for young performers and audiences, Jim Jacobs decided to write a "School Version" of the musical. This edition eliminates all of the references and uses of cigarettes and alcohol, as well as any swearing or bad language. Practically all of the songs have undergone changes as well; the numbers are all shortened tremendously and edited for content/language. Some plot lines are missing from the school version, such as Rizzo's pregnancy and her song "There Are Worse Things I Could Do" and “Hopelessly Devoted”. This section is entirely cut from the script and score. The beginning of the pajama party in Marty's bedroom is cut as well. (In this version, the Pink Ladies do not offer Sandy cigarettes or wine. Instead it begins directly with piercing her ears.) 

In addition to the removal of "There Are Worse Things I Could Do," and Hopelessly Devoted, the following songs of the School Version have undergone lyric changes.

"Alma Mater Parody"
"Summer Nights"
"Freddy, My Love"
"Greased Lightning'"
"Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee"
"Beauty School Dropout"
The remainder of the songs have been edited severely for time, deleting several verses from the original songs.


Info on the main charters.

Danny Zuko: A smooth greaser from Chicago and successful womanizer, the de facto leader of the Tee Birds has his life upended when he falls for a strait-laced square during his summer vacation leading into senior year.

"Sandy" An innocent ingenue when she moves into the neighbourhood, she experiences severe culture shock as she learns her summer boyfriend's true nature but eventually transforms into Danny's fantasy dame after she is unable to resist her continued attraction to him. 

Kenickie: A hard-nosed tough guy, Kenickie has great pride in his investment, a used car he has named Greased Lightning. He has a tempestuous on-again, off-again relationship with Rizzo and is often at odds with Roger. 

Betty Rizzo: Described by Jim Jacobs as a "tough little Italian", Rizzo is the cynical leader of the Pink Ladies and a strong alpha female who embraces the low culture and refuses to show her feelings. While she is condescending toward almost everyone, she and Danny have a particularly longstanding hostility toward each other, and she openly mocks Sandy in song.

Roger "Rump": A sardonic yet very self-confident Tee Bird who is easily able to win over Jan and willing to go into a rumble with only a whip antenna as a weapon. He is frequently seen eating fast food and earned his nickname because he was a proficient mooner.

Frenchy: A member of the Pink Ladies, Frenchy is the first person (other than Danny) to meet Sandy, and the two quickly become friends. She claims to have earned her nickname from being able to "French inhale" a cigarette. She is a very poor student with aspirations of becoming a beautician, but she is equally inept when she drops out to attend beauty school.



Continuity can be so hard to keep on top of..

A few snippets from the original film that did not go to plan.. a bit of fun.......Whoops

  • During the drag race, 1970s trucks and cars are driving on the overpass in the back ground.When Danny and Sandy are dancing near the end of "Rock and Roll is Here to Stay," a briefly visible scoreboard says either "Presented by class of 1971" or "Presented by class of 1974."
  • During the drag race, 1970s trucks and cars are driving on the overpass in the back ground.
  • After Cha Cha brings down her scarf to start the car race on Thunder Road, an Amtrak train is visible above the concrete riverbank at the left of the screen. The F40 locomotive and Amfleet passenger cars began service in the mid 1970s.
  • The jukebox in the diner is a 1973 Wurlitzer 1050, which copies the design of the famous 1015.
  • During the 'Greased Lightning' dance set, when John Travolta is on Greased Lightning: a US Flag is mounted on the wall, which bears the modern 50 star design (evident by the alternating star pattern in the union/canton of the flag). Since the film is set in 1958 (before Alaska and Hawaii became states), it should be the 6x8 48 star set up.
  • When the leader of the Scorpions escorts Rizzo into the dance hall, he removes his sunglasses. In the next shot, he removes them again.



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