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Jenny Cavalleri
Oliver Barrett IV
Phil Cavalleri
Oliver Barrett III
Dean Thompson
Mrs Barrett
Dr Shapely
Dr Addison
Ray Stratton
Hank Simpson
Reverend Blaufelt



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Love Story Costumes

 Set in the 1970's ,our costume set reflects the fashions of that period i.e. Oliver wears an iconic 1970's sheepskin coat and flares, Jenny dresses as a typical 1970's student on a budget. Oliver plays ice hockey for Harvard in the well-known maroon colours and we have replicated their 1970's kit in great detail. The musical consists of a small cast and we have endeavoured to capture that 1970's feel in all characters and many vintage 1970's dresses and flared jeans make an appearance.Due to the size of cast , this is a great show for a production on a budget or the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

We do not compromise on costumes neither should you!


Oliver Barrett IV comes from an American upper-class east coast family and is heir to the Barrett fortune. He attends Harvard University, where he is very active in ice hockey.At the library , Oliver meets Jennifer "Jenny" Cavalleri, a quick-witted, working class Radcliffe student of classical music. She mocks him, calling him "preppy" and "jock".Oliver finds charm and truth in her comments.

They quickly fall in love despite their differences. The young couple put their hearts on the line for each other.The two students decide to marry against the wishes of Oliver's father who severs ties with his son.The wedding is modern and contains no religious denominations.Jenny's widowed father attends . although he also has concerns about their social differences.Without his father's financial support , the couple struggle to pay Oliver's way through Harvard Law School.Jenny tries to reconcile the Barrett men, but to no avail.

Oliver and Jenny continue to build their life together.relying  only on each other , they believe love can fix anything.But fate has other plans.Soon what began as a brutally honest friendship becomes the love story of their lives .When they fail to conceive they consult a medical specialist .After many test , Oliver is informed that Jenny is terminally ill.Her exact condition is never stated explicitly but she appears to have leukaemia and she later dies. This is their story. A celebration of love and life, Love Story will win your heart. And it might just break it.  


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