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Hunchback of Notre Dame

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The deformed bell-ringer of Notre Dame and Claude Frollo’s charge


A beautiful and free-spirited gypsy

Phoebus De Martin

Captain of the Cathedral Guard

Frederic Charlus

Lieutenant of the Cathedral Guard

King Louis XI

King of France, nicknamed the Prudent

Jehan Frollo

Claude’s reckless younger brother


A gypsy

Clopin Trouillefou

King of the gypsies

Dom Claude Frollo

Archdeacon of Notre Dame Cathedral

St. Aphrodisius

A stained glass image that comes to life


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Callum Blake as St. Aphrodisius in Hunchback of Notre Dame

Stunning costumes

Hunchback of Notre Dame Costumes


The complete costume set for Hunchback of Notre Dame   

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Adapting a musical from one of the most well known stories in human history is no mean feat, but that is precisely what Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz accomplished with their music and lyrics.

Victor Hugo’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” is more than just a popular Disney film, it is nothing short of a masterpiece, and when brought to life on stage it’s brilliance becomes even more apparent. 

It is at times an uplifting reminder of the true strength and resilience of the human spirit - at others a bitterly painful lesson about what being in love really means, what it asks of us, what we might win or lose by doing the right thing by love, and what dark display of depravity we might go to just to take it for ourselves - and at other times it is a harrowing and deeply unsettling reality check on the daily scornful oppression and judgement we succumb others to without so much as a second thought. 

    What better place to play out this reflection of ourselves and our society than on the charming boulevards, alleyways and grandiose landmarks of one of the most romantic cities on Earth - Paris!

    But Hugo takes us deeper than that, he takes us to the end of the 15th century; to a gothic, far more shadowy Paris, where everything is laced with the fantastical and the frighteningly real. And in its centre, imposing itself over the city is the cathedral itself, Notre Dame. 

    So prepare yourself for an experience that manages to be both profound and spectacular - but hurry!! ...

.... I believe the bells have started to ring

A sweeping score and powerful story make The Hunchback of Notre Dame an instant classic. Audiences will be swept away by the magic of this truly unforgettable musical.


From the photo in the gallery above the Gargoyle mask is a head piece and was created for The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The term gargoyle originates from the French word Gargouille which in English means throat or gullet. The Gargoyle Mask is a head piece worn on top of the actor’s head like a hat.


Thespis was the first costumiers to supply costumes for ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ to Ireland for the wonderful Tipperary Musical Society who absolutely smashed it out the park. 

And we’ll be returning to Ireland very soon, this time to Wexford, with the Wexford Light Operatic Society’s production of ‘Hunchback’ in just a few short months.


And perhaps most excitingly, Thespis is honoured to be supplying the first  ‘Phantom of the Opera’ to go out on an adult amateur licence to Ireland! they’ll be setting off very soon to join the Carrick-on-Suir Musical Society for their stellar production in just a few weeks time! 

From all of us at Thespis: “break a leg!” - and we cannot wait to hear all about it! 



Original text for Hunchback of Notre Dame costume hire © Callum Blake 2021

Special thanks to Glenn Davison for taking photos for Hunchback.

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Hunchback cast wearing gargoyle hats

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Callum Blake as St. Aphrodisius in Hunchback of Notre Dame    Stunning costumes


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Hunchback cast wearing gargoyle hats


Stunning and colourful costumes for Hunchback

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