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The King and I, Costumes


Award winning Thespis Theatrical Costumiers continue to excel in bringing  highest quality costumes for hire onto the stage.

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The Thespis studios bring a visual triumph to the stage with vibrant costumes and wonderful head wear second to none on in the hire market. 

East verses west makes for a dramatic classic musical . The year is 1862, and British schoolteacher Anna Leonowens has arrived in Siam to instruct the royal children. But despite her sharp wit and strong will, nothing has prepared Anna for the lessons this rich and complicated new land has to teach her or for the powerful connection she will forge with its imperious King. This a fabulously show that is , richly textured and ultimately an uplifting tale of fascination.

Running Time: 2 hours and 55 minutes  

You can be sure when hiring from Thespis Theatrical Costumiers that you will look amazing in any of the costumes for The King and I. Hiring from our extensive collection could not be easier, where our reputation for  quality, cleanliness and high standard of replication is second to none.


King and I, Costume Hire

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