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The Phantom
Christine Daae
Raoul Viscount of Chagny
Meg Giry
Madame Giry
Monsieur Reyer
Carlotta Giudicelli

Joseph Buquet

Monsieur Lefevre
Ubaldo Piangi

Monsieur Firmin

Monsieur André


& Cymbals the Monkey



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Phantom of the Opera costumes


Phantom of the Opera

Youth and Adult productions of The Phantom of the Opera

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Our pièce de résistance. The jewel in our crown. Our costumiers at Thespis Studios  adore this collection of costumes. Lavishly detailed, opulent to the hilt, this is everything we wanted it to be when we set out to create this thundering spectacle.

The Phantom of the Opera is our flagship production, and our largest show to date, with the full set consisting of a whopping 190 costumes. 

We are talking: Ballet dresses designed professionally in keeping with the period.

No expenses spared in honouring the journey of arguably the world’s most loved Chorus girl: Christine Daaé. From her humble beginnings within the ballet corps; darning her ruby, emerald, and gold coloured ballet dress as a slave girl, to her outfits worn after her meteoric success, marked by her Victorian-style bustle dresses. And lastly, her majestic masquerade dress in all its delicate splendour, perfectly complimenting Raoul's formal attire, and in fact the whole masquerade number.

Handmade Venetian masks, sourced and created in Venice by one of more ‘secretive’ partners. They prefer to remain anonymous as I’m sure you can appreciate.

A remote controlled Music box complete with a Cymbal smashing monkey. Also a number of other brilliant items to elevate your prologue.

Period hand mirrors and brushes for your dear Christine. Fans for fops. Boxes for fops. Flips for flops……..  just checking you’re still with us. Good! You haven’t fainted yet….

….. yet…. 


Appropriate footwear, accessories, costume jewellery, props, HATS, CANES, GLOVES! Including entirely metal Roman armour for the Hannibal scenes.

A Hannibal poster! (p.s. We will soon have an original oil-painted poster designed for Thespis to include in this package)

THREE flintlock Pistols. TWO boars on a platter, MANY Roman spears, and a Severed head… in a pear tree…… Still with us? 

Now as you can surely appreciate, due to the sheer size of this particular production, we require at least 4 weeks notice, no less. Ideally we require at least 2 months prior to your show going up. That way you have more chance of guaranteeing our costumes being available.

Clients are more than welcome to visit our premises and inspect our costume set, simply call us to arrange such an appointment. we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Our adult Phantom costume set has graced theatres all over Europe, including Iceland’s Harpa Theatre, Malta, Ireland, Guernsey, the latter had to be approved by The Lord Lloyd- Webber himself, and… well, frankly, I should stop now, my wrist is being slapped.

Our point being: this is an internationally used costume set, sought by theatre groups all over Europe. We’re certain this will create some of the best memories not just for your audience, but for your cast of beautiful thespians too.  The love and effort gone into putting this show together is nothing short of a maniacal obsession. It could indicate a deep underlying condition but we will overlook that. For now.


Thespis was the first costumiers to supply costumes for ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ to Ireland for the wonderful Tipperary Musical Society who absolutely smashed it out the park. 

And we’ll be returning to Ireland very soon, this time to Wexford, with the Wexford Light Operatic Society’s production of ‘Hunchback’ in just a few short months.

From our blog and latest news article



Thespis has previously costumed some of the largest productions of Phantom of the Opera outside of the West End for touring and amateur groups across Europe. From Iceland all the way down to Malta. And now we’ve had the opportunity to be involved in something truly special.

Carrick-on-Suir Musical Society made history by becoming the first amateur group in Ireland to stage an adult production of ‘Phantom of the Opera’ and Thespis were the ones fortunate enough to costume it. We, the team at Thespis, could not be more honoured and proud to have been involved, and my word, what a show it was! Don’t believe us? We’ve already been contracted for another huge ‘Phantom’ for Wexford, Blackpool, and a few other biggies we can’t discuss just yet! Take a look at this roaring article giving us a taste of just how momentous this show was:


Worth thinking about.

She said, “there was also an influx of people signing up to become Musical Society patrons to ensure they got early tickets for Phantom”. — A quick note from us here at Thespis, we thought this was pretty clever thinking from Carrick-on-Suir here, for societies and groups to increase the funds they have at their disposal pre-general ticket sales, opening your doors early to patrons to bolster your pre-run bank balance, something worth thinking about perhaps if you’re looking to stage a large show but can’t afford to wait until you’re mid-run to start balancing your finances. 


People travelled from as far as Belfast to see Phantom of the Opera in Carrick-on-Suir
AIMS Awards adjudicator attended the final night of Carrick-on-Suir Musical Society's annual show

People travelled from as far as Belfast to see Phantom of the Opera in Carrick-on-Suir
Ashley Cooke as Christine and Keith Dwyer-Greene as Raoul in Carrick-on-Suir Musical Society's production of Phantom of the Opera, which finished last Saturday night.

Carrick-on-Suir Musical Society’s production of Phantom of the Opera was greeted with all-round acclaim by audiences that packed the Strand Theatre for six sell-out shows last week for the Irish Adult Premiere of the Andrew Lloyd Webber hit musical.

The final curtain fell last Saturday night (April 22) with the 62-strong cast receiving the ultimate show of public appreciation – a standing ovation for the sixth night in a row.

The adjudicator for the Association of Irish Musical Societies (AIMS) Awards was in the audience and according to Carrick-on-Suir Musical Society Chairperson Helen O’Hanlon he couldn’t have chosen a better performance to judge.

“He picked the best night. Everyone was in fine fettle and at full tilt on stage. They gave it their all. They were unreal,” she told The Nationalist.

Tickets for the show sold out in a record three hours and people travelled from all over the country to see the musical made famous by such enchanting songs as “All I Ask of You”, The Music of The Night” and The Phantom of the Opera”.

AIMS President Feargal Cavanagh from county Galway attended the second night of the show last Tuesday, April 18.

“We had people down from Belfast to see it. They came from all kinds of places,” said Helen.

She said there was also an influx of people signing up to become Musical Society patrons to ensure they got tickets for Phantom tickets.

Ms O'Hanlon pointed out Phantom was a demanding show to stage with a lot of high register singing required from all the cast. Some of the roles were almost operatic singing parts.

The leads of the Phantom and Christine were played by Neill Bourke and Ashley Cooke while Keith Dwyer-Greene played Raoul, Louise Russell played Carlotta, Eoin Sheedy was Piangia while Caolan Deehy-Power filled the shoes of Firmin.

Other main cast members were Alan Hearne as Giles André, Sandra Power as Madame Giry, Padraig Sheehan as Monsieur Reyer, Chris Hanlon as Joseph Buquet and Seamus Power as Monsieur Lefevre.

The show also featured a 34 member chorus and ballet troupe of nine dancers.

It was directed by Martin McNelis with Edel Quinlan in charge of choreography and Eamon O’Malley, the chorus master. Fergal Carroll was musical director and Martin Morrissey was production manager.

Ms O’Hanlon said there were some doubters when the Musical Society first accepted the challenge of staging the Irish Adult Amateur Premiere of Phantom of the Opera but the cast and production crew more rose to the challenge.

“To say we managed to do it in Carrick-on-Suir with a Carrick-on-Suir cast was just amazing. I am so proud of our town,” she declared.

Four more amateur musical societies around the country will stage Phantom of the Opera over the next year and a half.

They have a high standard to live up to after Carrick Musical Society’s trailblazing production.

This report and more social photos from Carrick-on-Suir Musical Society's production of Phantom of the Opera are published in this week's edition of The Nationalist on sale in local shops. 

Article from Tipperary Live 25/04/23


Testimony Received

Hi Margaret & Neil,

Just wanted to say, I've directed many shows, but your costumes are without a doubt the best I've had. The cast are booming with them. Thank you.

Ventnor Theatre Group

The Isle of Wight

J Brown Director



Thank you.

The Thespis Team 

Directors Note: We do not supply any wigs or the ballet shoes for the ballet corps. 

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Video of the Phantom Monkey




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