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Battle of Boat
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Adrian Connell : Director Norfolk YMT summed up this wonderful production :" The music is epic in its grandeur and one of the most complex scores the young members of the Norfolk YMT have had to challenge them.Once I heard and saw the piece I was hooked on it and it has proved to be one of the best pieces of musical-theatre we have undertaken in 22 years."

Battle of Boat Synopsis
Set in a seaside town on the English south coast in 1916. The carefree happiness of a group of young children is short-lived as they find themselves discovering more and more about the First World War that is unfolding around them. Their initial response, to join the army, is thwarted as they are inevitably each rejected for being too young. There is one exception however as William, the oldest of the group is enlisted and is sent to fight in France. The tale is of the persistent attempts that the children make to do whatever it takes to help their friend and their country, with weaving, powerful themes of rivalry, leadership and battle. The youthfulness of the cast, and of the nation's young generation lost to the Great War, serve to make the scale and impact of the musical even greater. A real tearjerker. The Battle Of Boat is an original musical by composer Ethan Lewis Maltby and lyricist Jenna Donnelly. Set during WW1, it follows the adventures of a group of children trying to find their place in a world at war. Heartwarming, funny, emotional and exciting, the musical is performed entirely by children aged 8-18.  

Battle of Boat



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